Does insurance pay for sober living? This is a question of direct relevance to a far larger number of individuals than just those that are suffering from alcohol dependence.

does insurance pay for sober living

People that live in sobriety need to know that having sober living insurance coverage does not mean that they will actually receive any compensation for the expenses incurred. The truth is that for the majority of programs a sober living program can still be able to pay for itself through the profits gained from a continued membership fee.

If you were to look up the phrases “insurance coverage”sober living” on the Internet you would find hundreds of websites that would tell you they were a supplier of health care programs. More likely than not the websites that you would see will actually tell you that they offer insurance coverage for the various sober living programs that are offered.

Then, there are those who will tell you that insurance coverage does not pay for sober living. Again, this is not the case. First, when looking for insurance coverage for a program you should research insurance policies and their limits for the coverage that is available to you.

By going through these websites you will find that insurance coverage for a program does pay for it and the coverage does not go against the owner of the program. The owner of the sober living homes will not have to pay the premiums for the program as it does not pay for itself.

These are your facts and, should you be searching for insurance coverage, these are the facts that you will need to find. The question should be asked of you is does insurance pay for sober living?

When looking for insurance coverage to cover an alcoholic that has a life saving disease the question is a little more complicated. While there are some situations that you will be required to have health insurance, this coverage should not be required by the medical board of the state in which you live or the state in which the alcoholic is treated.

If the alcoholic’s state of rehabilitation, then you should certainly have the alcoholic attend a course where they receive the appropriate drugs and the appropriate counseling. You should be asked to pay for this in order to protect the community of people in the area that will be living in your property.

When the alcoholic will be leaving your property, there will be no one standing by to guard it if the alcoholic stops attending the proper program. So, this insurance cover will not be needed by the courts when looking for sober living insurance coverage.

If your request for insurance coverage is to reimburse a rehab facility for expenses that will not be covered under your plan then the insurance coverage that is being offered will cover all expenses. The insurance coverage is not an expense for the alcoholic that will benefit from it.

So, does insurance coverage pay for sober living? The question should be asked.